Valentine's Day

Book now! For Valentine’s Day 2015, we are offering several different types of telegrams with lots of choices for flowers, chocolates and gifts. We want to make it a special day to remember!


Due to the high number of telegrams we perform on Valentine’s Day, we request a minimum 4-hour window for delivery.  To book your telegram, contact Singing Telegrams of Austin by email or call (512) 297-9251.


1.     Sweet & SimpleIncludes 1 or 2 songs from our song list, personalized card, small box of Russell Stover chocolates in red heart-shaped box. Performer dressed in formal attire.  (Black tux and tails or cocktail dress.)

Price: $90.


2.     True Love.  A dozen roses in a vase with a big beautiful ribbon, 1 or 2 songs and a personalized card. Performer dressed in formal attire.
 Price: $175.


3.     Kermit the Frog. Who better to sing a love song than the world’s most lovable frog? Kermit sings a song of your choice from our song list, tells a bunch of silly frog jokes and holds a croaking contest. Includes stuffed toy frog or teddy bear and red heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Price: $130.


4.     The Gorillain pink tutu and feather boa. So you REALLY want to embarrass someone? The Gorilla makes everyone beat on their chest and do the Tarzan yell, and delivers a love song chosen by you from our song list. Includes red, heart-shaped box of chocolates and colorful Hawaiian lei.

Price: $160.

Contact Singing Telegrams of Austin byemailor by calling 512-297-9251.