Valentine's Day

Book now! For Valentine’s Day 2014, we are offering several different types of telegrams with lots of choices for flowers, chocolates and gifts. We want to make it a special day to remember!


Due to the high number of telegrams we perform on Valentine’s Day, we request a minimum 4-hour window for delivery. Sorry, we cannot honor discount coupons on Valentine’s Day. To book your telegram, contact Singing Telegrams of Austin by email or call (512) 297-9251.


1.     Sweet & SimpleIncludes 1 or 2 songs from our song list, personalized card, small box of Russell Stover chocolates in red heart-shaped box. Performer dressed in formal attire.  (Black tux and tails or cocktail dress.)

Price: $90.


2.     True Love.  A dozen roses in a vase with a big beautiful ribbon, 1 or 2 songs and a personalized card. Performer dressed in formal attire.
 Price: $175.


3.     Kermit the Frog. Who better to sing a love song than the world’s most lovable frog? Kermit sings a song of your choice from our song list, tells a bunch of silly frog jokes and holds a croaking contest. Includes stuffed toy frog or teddy bear and red heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Price: $130.


4.     The Gorillain pink tutu and feather boa. So you REALLY want to embarrass someone? The Gorilla makes everyone beat on their chest and do the Tarzan yell, and delivers a love song chosen by you from our song list. Includes red, heart-shaped box of chocolates and colorful Hawaiian lei.

Price: $160.

5. Video Telegram.   Send a singing telegram to your loved one’s inbox!  You choose the character, costume and song. I make a video ahead of time before Valentine’s Day and send you the link. Imagine their surprise when you tell them to open the email on Valentine’s Day and together you can watch their personalized telegram.  I’m not able to do this telegram on Valentine’s Day itself, so please book ahead on this one.

Price:  $70


6.     The Long Distance includes a song and personalized message delivered over the telephone. I have done lots of these in the past and people of all ages really enjoy them. Great if you can be there to put them on speaker phone so everyone can listen in.

Price: $35

Contact Singing Telegrams of Austin byemailor by calling 512-297-9251.